Random thank you to followers giveaway thing!

I’ll send one winner this brand new Moleskine watercolor sketchbook as well as a a set of 6 black Micron pens. Hurray!

Please don’t enter the giveaway if you don’t intend to use the sketchbook or pens. They are high-quality and intended to help out an artist or writer!

  • Reblog to enter. Winner will be decided by a random number raffle.
  • I don’t really care how many times you reblog it, but let’s be reasonable. If the winning blog is a giveaway-only blog, I will choose someone else, because those are just douchey.
  • I also don’t really give a shit if you are following me. However, if you have a Twitter and want to ~chat~, I am @alicexz there!
  • I’ll ship anywhere in the world!
  • Please make sure you have your askbox open or somewhere I can contact you if you win.

Thank you Tumblrians, I’ve had a great first year here! I am super grateful for all the followers and support!

I’m no longer using this, so, byebye

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Que ganas de no conocerte weón.